Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

There's nothing at this point I can say about Monkey Island, so I'll just quickly summarize the points that I think went wrong in this remake (assume everything else went right!):

  • Stan's voice is horrendous.
  • You can't skip single lines of dialogue in the new-graphics version.
These two, it turns out, are closely related. I switched to old-style graphics to make the ship purchase puzzle bearable.

Other than that, well played, LucasArts. The earlier release of older games onto Steam was pretty lame -- what self-respecting adventure fan doesn't have these? -- but the Special Edition shows that, unlike certain other companies*, LucasArts are interested in their customer base.

* Yes, this means you, Vivendi. Dumping crap versions of Sierra collections onto Steam because you noticed someone else makes money that way? Sod off.

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