Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gobliiins 4 short review

After the downfall of Sierra, I'm sure nobody expected there would ever be another instalment in the popular Gobliiins series, and yet, here it is!

Designed by the original games' designer, Pierre Gilhodes, and published through a small studio, this foray into 3D is charming and unpretentious, but cannot hold a candle to modern 3D titles in the looks department. Sound, as always in the Gobliiins series, is incomprehensible semi-instrumental mumbling (think the grown-ups in the Peanuts cartoons), and there's a nice soundtrack to boot.

There's really not much to say: if you liked the old games, you'll like this one, although some puzzle solutions are really over-used; if you see "soft earth", you know what's coming. All the other staples of the series are there: silly animations, exact timing, coöperation between the trio.

Some of the levels are particularly imaginative, like the one that takes place entirely in a newspaper that's being read on-screen, or the bonus level.

The game's a bit on the short side, but I can't not recommend it.

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